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With our new web-based ordering portal – FPOnline – we have genuinely created a unique solution to your spot order requirements.

FPOnline offers an ideal solution to all your spot order needs, unrivaled by other supplier portals, because it has been built solely in-house using all the very latest technologies.

FPOnline evolved from the need to be flexible enough to meet every customer’s specific requirements. Each new order portal is built from the ground up using the same technology but with the aim of making it feel that you are browsing your very own catalogue

Every customer has its very own secure online order portal, which is password-protected and accessible 24 hours a day. Every portal catalogue is unique to each customer and their selected products.

Your portal can contain all your approved contracted items, including both standard product ranges and manufactured specials, as well as a diverse choice of popular consumable products across all brands.  We have a database of around 50,000+ products which is expanding daily.

With total traceability, unlimited reports, multiple tiers of order authorisation, goods receiving features, accounting functions, and so much more, you will see that FPOnline is no ordinary web portal.

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